The objective of the experiment is building an innovative tethered system for the magnetic capture and docking of satellites. This system is designed for orbital servicing operations such as component setup and replacement, maintenance, refueling and space debris capture.




During the next few months, the team will ... with the final design and physical construction of the experiment, which will have to pass the rigorous ESA tests with the technical support of an expert from ZARM. The preliminary idea will grow in the seven months up to November, when the experiment will be tested at the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen: in this short timespan we will face all the issues presented by making FELDs a reality, from designing and preliminary testing, to management and sponsor hunting. In other words, a small, real space mission, developing from an idea born in class on a university desk.



The "Drop Your Thesis!" program, funded by ESA Education, gives the possibility to do research in microgravity conditions to university students from all over Europe, by allowing them to use a "drop tower". The operating conditions in the ZARM Drop Tower are the same as in the International Space Station. The FELDs team will be able to test their experiment in these conditions, and write their master's theses about the experiment and its results.


F E L D s   T E A M 

We are five students enrolled in the Aerospace Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering master programs at the University of Padua, and we are proud to be the first group from our university to be part of this project. FELDs is:

-First placed in Europe for the "Drop Your Thesis!" campaign -The only selected group to participate in a microgravity research program funded by the ESA (European Space Agency) Education Office and ZARM (Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity).

FELDs will be developed with the support of the University of Padua, its Dipartment of Industrial Engineering and CISAS (Interdepartmental Center of Space Studies and Activities).


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